EnglDevelopment of Natural Sciences as a Basis of New Achievements in Medicine



Scientific conference



  1. Modern aspects of medical research based on the achievements of natural sciences.
  2. Biomedical engineering in practical medicine.
  3. The impact of technogenic factors on human health.
  4. Mathematical modelling, forecasting and statistical methods in medicine.
  5. Information technology in medicine.
  6. History of medicine and medical technology in the context of natural sciences achievements.
  7. Modern educational technologies in the training of competitive medical and pharmaceutical specialists.


Important dates:

01 Sept 2019 - registration beginning

01 Sept 2019 - papers submission beginning 

15 Nov 2019 - registration deadline 

15 Nov 2019 - papers submission deadline 

27 Nov 2019 - Conference. Open access to Conference proceedings.


Registration form:  https://forms.gle/wbPeQu1r3KoyihxE8

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