Day of Science


14 of May 2019 on the occasion of the Day of Science in Ukraine, the Department of Biological Physics and Medical Informatics held an event "Modern methods and means of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of diseases - the result of scientific advances in the field of physics and information technologies" with the participation of foreign language students. The event was attended by all the students of 67 group (1st Year Students). The following students: Ipsit Ariak, Kumar Amit, Sharma Ayushi, Sharma Kashish, Sharma Himanshu prepared reports and presentations under the guidance of the Assist. Prof. Gutsul O.V. The next students presented their scientific works: Ipsit Ariak - "Magnetotherapy", Kumar Amit - "Radiotherapy a Fight Against Cancer"; Sharma Ayushi - "Computed Tomography Scan (CT Scan)"; Sharma Kashish - "Laser and its Application in Medicine"; Sharma Himanshu – “Nuclear Physics Medical Applications”. The students who attended at the event actively discussed the topics presented by them.