Physical Methods of Analysis





1. 02.02., ІІ class Biophysics of blood circulation. Elements of hydro and hemodynamics. Федів В.І.

2. 16.02., ІІ class The states of matter. Phase transitions. Бірюкова Т.В.

3. 16.03., ІІ class Thermodynamics of biological processes Федів В.І.

4. 30.03., ІІ class Biophysics of cellular processes. Biomembranes. Biopotentials Олар О.І.

5. 13.04., ІІ class Biophysics of the senses (smell, taste, touch, hearing, vision) Бірюкова Т.В..

6. 27.04, ІІ class Magnetic field. Mass spectroscopy, NMR, MRI Федів В.І.

7. 11.05., ІІ class Physical Principles of Nuclear Pharmacy Нагірняк В.М.

8. 25.05., ІІ class Physical bases of electrochemical methods of analysis Нагірняк В.М.

9. 08.06., ІІ class Physical bases of optical methods of analysis Нагірняк В.М.

10. 22.06., ІІ class Physical methods of sterilization of pharmaceutical raw materials and finished dosage forms. Physical methods of drug delivery. Олар О.І.

Practical classes